How to Do It All with Melissa

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Melissa, you can do it all – see for yourself with the brand new Solutions
Catalog. This catalog showcases products to transform your people data (names,
addresses, emails, phone numbers) into accurate, actionable insight. Our
products are in the Cloud or available via easy plugins and APIs. We provide
solutions to power Know Your Customer initiatives, improve mail deliverability
and response, drive sales, clean and match data, and boost ROI.


Specific solutions include:

matching & enriching data

a 360 degree profile of every customer

more customers like your best ones with lookalike profiling

data from any source, at any time

highlights include: global address autocompletion; mobile phone verification; real-time
email address ping; a new customer management platform; as well as info on a
wealth of data append and mailing list services.


Download the catalog now: