Wie Datenqualität den Unternehmenserfolg beeinflusst

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Die Adress- und Kontaktdaten von Kunden und Interessenten zählen zu den wertvollsten Daten eines Unternehmens. Ihre Qualität hat einen hohen Einfluss, sei es auf Marketing-Kampagnen, strategische Analysen oder die Prozessautomatisierung. Allerdings steht vielen Unternehmen noch Arbeit ins Haus, um eine hohe Datenqualität sicherzustellen. So bemängelten im Rahmen einer Studie des VDMA 34 % der Befragten fehlende oder qualitativ minderwertige Interessenten- und Kundenstammdaten.… Read More

The Benefits of Appending Valuable Demographic Data to Your Customer Database

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Customer data comes from many different places—from forms on a webpage, during checkout, or other onboarding processes. This leaves a lot of room for error, as well as customer information that may be incomplete, missing, or simply not collected.

With demographic append tools, you can get a superior snapshot of your customers. This enrichment of contact data can improve analytics and allow for better targeting in marketing campaigns, as well as help with fraud detection.… Read More

How to Derive More Business Value from Cloud Data?

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Today organizations source their data from websites, social media, IoT devices, clickstream analysis, custom applications and more. Each source provides different types of data in independent formats.

For example, a retailer may collect a customer’s name and email address from a web form, their date of birth, gender and demographic profile from social media platforms and budget preferences from responses to digital marketing initiatives.… Read More

Quality Foundational Data: The Key to Effective Digital ID Verification

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Digital identity verification (also known as electronic identity verification, or eIDV)  is a must for e-commerce retailers that want to safely and conveniently onboard customers while combating fraud – but what’s the best way to leverage eIDV and realize its full benefits? Let’s take a look at what foundational data is, and why the quality of it matters when it comes to eIDV.… Read More

The Progression of Data Quality: From ZIP Codes to Identity Verification

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Data quality has changed a lot over the years. In the beginning of the digital age, access to the Internet was much more limited, and the way people interacted with technology was vastly different. Now, with our smartphones and tablets, access to most things we want or need can be instant and with these new expectations, businesses have had to adapt to new challenges in regard to data quality.… Read More