Eine hohe Datenqualität ist entscheidend für funktionierende Big-Data-Projekte

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„Daten sind das neue Gold.“ Dieses oftmals verwendete Zitat klingt einerseits abgedroschen, ist aber andererseits nach wie vor zutreffend und oftmals ist in Big-Data-Beiträgen von der neuen Währung die Rede. Was leider häufig vernachlässigt wird, ist die Tatsache, dass nur validierte Daten wertvoll sind. Denn was haben Anbieter davon, wenn sie über Unmengen von Analyse-Informationen verfügen, aber gleichzeitig ihre Kundendaten im CRM-System nicht korrekt sind?… Read More

Melissa Data Quality Suite & Clean Suite Named a Leader by G2

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Melissa’s Data Quality Suite and Clean Suite was once again named a leader by G2. Check out the Data Quality Grid to see how our solutions for address verification, email and phone validation, record matching and data enrichment ranked on the Report – plus review the high customer satisfaction scores we earned.

Thank you to those who have taken the time to provide feedback by submitting a review.… Read More

Melissa to Exhibit at the Civil Service Live Trade Show – 5th & 6th of July in London

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Melissa is happy to participate in the Civil Service Live Trade Show at the Excel Centre in London on the 5th & 6th of July.

Civil Service Live provides an excellent opportunity to engage with other civil servants, listen to throught-provoking sessions, and hear from leaders and innovators sharing their knowledge.

Our Stand will be located in the middle of the floor Stand 43 and we will be showcasing our Identity Verification and Data Quality services to prevent fraud, unlock confident citizen onboarding and maintain clean and accurate citizen data.… Read More

The Need For Data Quality And Data Enrichment As A Service In Real-Time

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Business leaders in every industry understand the importance of customer data. Every time a customer interacts with the brand, their data is absorbed into the system. Leaders of successful businesses also know that it isn’t the quantity of data collected that matters as much as data quality.

This is where the challenge is. Low-quality data can impact everything from customer relationships to decision-making and marketing.… Read More

How to Measure Data Quality – 7 Metrics to Assess the Quality of Your Data

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There’s no doubt about it – the better the quality of your data, the more useful it will be for decision making. Though many companies aspire to have ‘data-driven’ objectives, a study found that only 33% of firms trust the quality of the data enough to draw insights from it. Merely categorizing data as good or bad isn’t enough.

The only way to inspire confidence in data is to work on improving its quality against measurable indices.… Read More