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Check and Double Check Customer Identities

How Companies can use Technology and Multiple Sources to Properly Identify Customers and Head Off Illegalities Are you really who you say you are?...

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The Money Laundering Bad Guys Never Quit

Businesses that Neglect ‘Know Your Customer’ Regulations are Messing with Fate and Government Regulations Here’s the weird thing about money...


How to Do It All with Melissa

With Melissa, you can do it all - see for yourself with the brand new Solutions Catalog. This catalog showcases products to transform your people...

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    All data goes bad (up to 25% per year), whether due to data entry errors or the simple fact that consumers change jobs, move, update email addresses, marry, etc. At Melissa, we help companies harness the value of their Big Data, legacy data, and people data (names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails) to drive insight, maintain data quality, and support global intelligence.

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