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2021 Melissa Catalog Highlights healthcare data quality solutions

2021 Melissa Catalog Highlights healthcare data quality solutions

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2021 Melissa Catalog Highlights Tools that Fuel Clean Data in Drug Discovery, Research and Collaboration

 New resource features healthcare data quality solutions powered by machine learning and designed to unlock complex data for clinical research

Rancho Santa Margarita, CALIF – January 27, 2021 – Melissa, a leading provider of global data quality and address management solutions, today announced its 2021 Melissa Solutions Catalog series featuring healthcare data quality tools and services, ideal to cleanse healthcare and life science data crucial to unlocking drug discovery and collaboration, clinical research, and precision medicine. Incorporating machine reasoning and advanced semantic strategies, Melissa’s healthcare data quality tools help uncover deeper connections within the unusually complex and diverse datasets common to real-world clinical research.

“With more agile and optimized data tools, healthcare professionals can enable new intellectual property and grow fresh revenue by making the most of their historical research data,” said Robert Stanley, Director of Special Projects at Melissa. “Utilizing our patented semantic technology to harmonize and link databases, researchers can ensure interoperability, resolve drug name and compound ambiguities, and standardize and reconfigure drug information regardless of format or language.”

Semantic technology is optimized for data management environments rich in variables, diversity, and complexity. For example, a single medication may be referenced in hundreds of different ways, even in the same set of electronic health records. Context-based reasoning can connect and standardize these references to optimize data for analytics. Extracting significantly greater value from data held by pharma and healthcare leaders, this process can significantly reduce cost of data acquisition for clinical trials and for other applications that require clean, connected, real-world data. Melissa’s healthcare data quality tools can be harnessed via API or server-based workflows to unlock the true value hidden in complex, changing clinical data.

The full Solutions Catalog series from Melissa offers tools and capabilities that span the entire data lifecycle, driving smarter and more profitable business operations with better customer insight. Additional catalogs feature enterprise and direct marketing solutions, providing insight on data quality, enrichment and identity verification tools powering compliance, fraud prevention, sales, customer engagement, and analytics.

Click here to download Melissa’s healthcare data quality solutions catalog. To connect with members of Melissa’s global intelligence team, visit www.Melissa.com or call 1-800-MELISSA.

About Melissa

Since 1985, Melissa has specialized in global intelligence solutions to help organizations unlock accurate data for a more compelling customer view. More than 10,000 clients worldwide in arenas such as retail, education, healthcare, insurance, finance, and government, rely on Melissa for full spectrum data quality and ID verification software, including data matching, validation, and enhancement services to gain critical insight and drive meaningful customer relationships. For more information or free product trials, visit www.Melissa.com or call 1-800-MELISSA (635-4772).

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