MDM – Secure, Fast and Hassle-Free with Unison

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Automated data quality routines, lightning fast processing (50 million records per hour), and no programming expertise required for master data management? Unison has you covered. It unifies all of Melissa’s data cleansing technologies through a straightforward, modern and powerful user interface without sacrificing speed or security. Explore what makes Unison so unique from other platforms and how it was designed with data stewards in mind. Turn to page 34 in Big Data Quarterly for a Melissa exclusive on Unison.

Integrate Data Quality into ETL Workflows – DBAs will Thank You

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Tired of the ETL grind? Work faster and smarter with Melissa and Talend. In the era of big data, DBAs spend much of their time transferring, migrating, and cleaning disparate data. Melissa makes this more efficient by adding data quality into the workflow to help DBAs work smarter and faster with clean data. Read this article in Database Trends and Applications (DBTA) to find out how the combined power of Melissa and Talend can boost your productivity and easily clean and integrate all your data.

Melissa’s Clean Suite Powers Spotless Data in Dynamics CRM

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Pristine Data Boosts Customer Experience and Success of Omnichannel Marketing; Demos at CRMUG Summit

Rancho Santa Margarita, CALIF – October 2, 2018 – Melissa a leading provider of global contact data quality and identity verification solutions, today announced its Clean Suite toolset is optimized for Microsoft Dynamics CRM®, boosting customer experience and omnichannel engagement with immaculate customer data. Clean Suite will cleanse, match, and enrich CRM data, eliminating the headaches and missed opportunities cause by stale, bad, and inaccurate contacts. Melissa will be demonstrating Clean Suite and data cleansing strategies for Dynamics CRM users at the CRMUG Summit, Booth 639, at the Phoenix Convention Center, October 15-18, 2018.

Clean Suite autocompletes U.S. and international addresses as they are entered, speeding data entry efficiency while ensuring only verified, standardized data enters the CRM platform. The Clean Suite toolset taps into Melissa’s extensive multisource data to find data inconsistencies in records; verify names, addresses, phones, and email addresses; and match duplicates – saving many hours in data cleanup.

Clean Suite also enriches existing contact records with consumer demographics, business firmographics, and geographic and property elements for improved customer intelligence and better lead scoring. B2B contacts can be enriched from a dataset of 25 million U.S. businesses to return 40+ data points including company contacts, job titles, emails, and phone numbers, as well as SIC/NAICS codes, sales volumes, and more.

Click here to gain more insight on Melissa’s Clean Suite or to access a free trial. To connect with members of Melissa’s CRM data quality team outside the CRMUG Summit, visit or call 1-800-MELISSA.

Say Goodbye to Bad Data Before it Enters Your System with Global Express Entry

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By Edward Dombrowski Data Quality Analyst


Maybe you’re already
familiar with the way Express Entry and Express Entry Desktop Edition can
autocomplete addresses – just select the country and type in the beginning of
an address, and the service can fill in the missing information, using address
data from over 240 countries.

But did you know the
many benefits to autocompleting addresses? Increased efficiency, a single view
of the customer at the point-of-entry, and increased security, to name a few.

With Express Entry
Desktop Edition, you can easily enter complete addresses with 50 percent less
keystrokes, with the bonus (since it uses the Express Entry service) that the
addresses are already verified.

When you receive a
complete address from the service, you can also geocode it easily with the
click of the ‘verify’ button. Also, Express Entry Desktop Edition’s system of
templates gives you the flexibility you need to efficiently fill out any form
in Windows or on the Web without having to code a solution.

Another benefit to using
Express Entry is the single view of the customer at the point-of-entry. This
way, duplication in your database is controlled from the start. Express Entry’s
standardized addresses are consistent as they have pre-directionals, ordinals,
suffixes, and post-directionals already abbreviated throughout.

Standardized addresses
mean that you won’t have to deduplicate customer tables by address. There are
no addresses in Express Entry data that do not conform to the standard.

There may be one benefit
you haven’t thought of: fraud prevention. When a user selects a verified and
standardized address on your form, or your Customer Service Representative
enters an address through Express Entry Desktop’s GUI, your confidence that the
customer is who they say they are is increased. It becomes easier to separate
real addresses from the fake ones.

Express Entry data is
built from multiple sources so you can rest assured that address data is
correct. If your Customer Service Center takes in addresses, Express Entry
Desktop Edition can help your Customer Service Representatives enter them in
more quickly.

For more info on Express
Entry, go to:


Validating Global Phone Numbers 101: A Quick, Easy Tutorial

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By Allison Moon Data Quality Analyst 

 With the advent of
global communications and business, chances are you are not only capturing
addresses of your contacts, but contact phone numbers as well. This is where
Melissa’s Global Phone Object comes into play.

Global Phone Object
validates registered phone numbers in more than 240 countries and territories,
as well as enrich your data by appending information such as latitude,
longitude, city, predominant language spoken, and more.

Setting up the object is
quick and easy, especially if you’re a current customer of any other Melissa API.

Here’s a quick tutorial:

First, add the Phone
Object DLL or .SL file to your project and instantiate an instance of the
Global Phone Object:

SET globalPhonePtr as NEW Instance of GlobalPhone

Second, set your license
CALL SetLicenseString WITH LicenseString

Next, initialize the
data files:
CALL Initialize WITH DataPath RETURNING Result
IF Result <> 0 THEN
     CALL GetInitializeErrorString
    PRING “Error: ”
& ErrorString

Now you’re ready to
start validating phone numbers! Using the ‘Lookup’ method, you can now loop
through and feed your contact phone numbers through the object. For best
results, pass in both the phone number and country associated with it with the
Lookup method. If you require all the digits necessary for dialing
internationally from your country, you will also need to pass in the Country of
Origin (e.g. the country from which the caller is dialing from).

The outputs returned
from the Global Phone Object are useful for call-centers or businesses that
would benefit from knowing about the general area the contact is located. For
instance, the UTC (Universal Time Code) output can help the caller schedule an
appropriate time to dial the contact and the language output can provide the
caller information on the language most comfortable for the contact.

The appended regional
information, such as the latitude, longitude, locality (city), and
administrative area (state) can be sued to get a general sense of where the
majority of your contacts are located.

If you’re capturing
international contact information, the Global Phone Object will be a useful
tool in determining registered phone numbers, standardizing phone number
formats, and understanding more about where the contact is located.

To test Global Phone for
free, go to: