The Benefits of Appending Valuable Demographic Data to Your Customer Database

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Customer data comes from many different places—from forms on a webpage, during checkout, or other onboarding processes. This leaves a lot of room for error, as well as customer information that may be incomplete, missing, or simply not collected.

With demographic append tools, you can get a superior snapshot of your customers. This enrichment of contact data can improve analytics and allow for better targeting in marketing campaigns, as well as help with fraud detection.… Read More

Melissa Data Quality Suite & Clean Suite Named a Leader by G2

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Melissa’s Data Quality Suite and Clean Suite was once again named a leader by G2. Check out the Data Quality Grid to see how our solutions for address verification, email and phone validation, record matching and data enrichment ranked on the Report – plus review the high customer satisfaction scores we earned.

Thank you to those who have taken the time to provide feedback by submitting a review.… Read More

The Need For Data Quality And Data Enrichment As A Service In Real-Time

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Business leaders in every industry understand the importance of customer data. Every time a customer interacts with the brand, their data is absorbed into the system. Leaders of successful businesses also know that it isn’t the quantity of data collected that matters as much as data quality.

This is where the challenge is. Low-quality data can impact everything from customer relationships to decision-making and marketing.… Read More

Datenanreicherung: Definition, Erklärungen, Anwendungsfälle

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Unternehmen, insbesondere jene aus dem E-Commerce, verfügen in ihren Systemen über zahlreiche Daten. Mithilfe einer kontinuierlichen Datenanreicherung lassen sich diese effizient nutzen (Stichwort: Smart Data). Erfahren Sie in diesem Beitrag, was sich hinter dem Begriff der Datenanreicherung verbirgt und wie diese in der Praxis erfolgen kann.

Was ist Datenanreicherung?

Datenanreicherung (auch Data Enhancement oder Data Enrichment) bezeichnet die Ergänzung von Daten oder Datensätzen mit weiterführenden, zusätzlichen Informationen, z.… Read More

Melissa 2022 Catalog Offers Solutions to Improve Address Management, ID Verification, and Data Enrichment

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Industry resource highlights importance of global customer data tools for DBAs, developers, and direct marketers

Rancho Santa Margarita, CALIF – February 16, 2022 – Melissa, a leading provider of global data quality and address management solutions, today announced availability of its 2022 Melissa Solutions Catalog highlighting the company’s comprehensive suite of solutions and services that help keep customer data clean, up-to-date, and enriched for the greatest insights and most efficient business practices.… Read More