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By Taky Djarou, Data
Quality Analyst


Melissa has
released its new data Profiler API. The Profiler Object offers a unique
approach to profiling your data, combining years of contact data quality
experience, the power of many Melissa Objects, and data source tables to
help you dig deeper into your data and return hundreds of properties about the
input table, columns and individual values.

For example, many
existing Profilers will allow the user to set a RegEx to capture an email
pattern. The Melissa Profiler offers that function, as well as checking the syntax, the domain, and whether it’s disposable, has a spammy
reputation, or is invalid and will return counts that reflect all of the above.

Data validation is also
performed on city, state/province, ZIP and postal code fields to report any
discrepancies in your data. Even if you accidentally put a phone number in a
name field, Melissa’s Profiler can detect and report it.

The Profiler Object
returns counts of duplicate records using four different matching criteria (Exact,
Address Only, Household, and Contact.) Using the power of our flagship
deduplication solution MatchUp, the number of unique records, duplicates and
the largest group of duplicate counts will be reported for all four matching

Melissa’s Profiler also
provides value specific iterators (pattern, word, data, date, Soundex, etc.)
that allow the user to loop through any column in an ascending or descending
order to retrieve those values and their respective counts.

The date iterator for
example, allows the user to see the busiest/slowest time/day of the month/day
of the week using a time stamp field of when a record was created.

To demo the Melissa Profiler, please visit us at: or
call 1-800-MELISSA (635-4772) and one of our Sales Representatives will set you
up with a free trial.