Discover Data Quality Issues Before they Arise

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By Taky Djarou, Data
Quality Analyst


Melissa has
released its new data Profiler API. The Profiler Object offers a unique
approach to profiling your data, combining years of contact data quality
experience, the power of many Melissa Objects, and data source tables to
help you dig deeper into your data and return hundreds of properties about the
input table, columns and individual values.
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The Solution to Large Quantities of Data

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Every successful business scales and grows. As a result, so
does its database. And as data grows so do problems including: faulty customer
entry, breakdowns in data migration, disparate upstream legacy, and big data
systems. All of these problems lead to one thing: bad data. High quality data
is key to uncovering meaningful insights and new opportunities. Bad data, on
the other hand, poses missed opportunities and bad decisions.… Read More