Little Cart Lost: Melissa Data’s Answer to Shopping Cart Abandonment

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Once upon a time there
was a shopping cart named Carter. Carter loved shopping. He loved meeting new
people and being a part of learning all about their lives and what they liked
to buy. He loved helping them peruse everything from run-of-the-mill groceries
and toiletries to the exciting new smart TVs and holiday decorations. But there
was one part of shopping that always left Carter feeling strange… Sometimes,
after shopping for hours, and being filled up to the brim, his friends would
just vanish. They never came back. He was alone; holding their dreams and


Every business has its own set of complexities, but the
digital age seems to have made browsing for merchandise a never-ending perusal
rather than a cut and dried sale. Cart abandonment is high for everyone, nearing 70%. T
here are many different causes but one major
problem is lack of transparency in shipping.

Let’s say a mother sits down to order formula and diapers.
She puts them into her cart, she goes through the entire checkout only to find
out at the last minute that shipping is going to be nearly equivalent to the
purchase price. Ordering online, which was supposed to be convenient, is now
annoying and she closes her browser.

56% of people abandon their shopping carts when presented
with unexpected costs during the checkout process. However, if people are given
a proper heads up about how much the product or shipping costs, they’re more likely to buy it– even if it’s more expensive. (35
Actionable Tips To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate Ultimate List
from Styla.)

Melissa Data is here to help you solve this ever present
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