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5 Ecommerce Issues You Forgot–And How to Fix Them

5 Ecommerce Issues You Forgot–And How to Fix Them

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Want to increase conversions, provide
customers with a better shopping experience, and cut down on cart abandonment?
Check out these five ecommerce issues you probably forgot and how to fix them
to solve these problems and more.

The Fat Finger Syndrome

are terrible at typing–especially when it comes to filling out incredibly small
contact forms on their smartphones. The fat finger syndrome accounts for many
name misspellings, incorrect addresses, email bouncebacks, and invalid order
submissions. To take the burden off the customer, try implementing a
real-time autocomplete
solution. By automatically showing verified addresses and emails as the
customer types, you’ll help alleviate fat finger syndrome and cut down on form


2. International
Postal Standards Vary

you know that in Japan, the last name goes first on shipping labels? And in
Canada, the postal codes consist of letters and numbers arranged in a specific
way? Those are just two examples of how address standardization can differ from
country to country. So, if you’re planning to go international, be mindful of
varying postal requirements and make sure you have an address verification
solution that can verify, standardize, format and transliterate. Solutions like
Global Address Verification do
all of this and more–like adding precise lat/long coordinates to addresses for
40+ countries.


Upfront Shipping Matters

has shown the way towards better conversions, more sales, and cost-effective
shipping with upfront shipping costs and delivery dates shown at every step of
the order process. Now, you can, too! With
Decimal, a
comprehensive shipping rates manager and delivery dates predictor, you can
provide your customers with calculations for shi
while they shop, without interrupting their purchase. That means more customers
hitting Submit Order without delay.


4. Clean
Data Affects Everything

you sure you’re only storing accurate customer data? The data you collect
directly on your site, via call-in orders, through internal systems, and mobile
all need to match to show accurate customer records in order to better know your
customers, increase upsell opportunities, and provide good customer service. By
cleaning data before it enters your database and maintaining it after, you can
ensure that every customer’s name, a
phone, and email are accurate and verified.


5. Fraud
Costs More than Lost Sales

look at some stats–every year, businesses lose $3.5 trillion in revenue to
financial crimes, and 15.4 million consumers were victims of identity theft in
2016 alone. Don’t let fraud and chargeback costs steal your bottom line.
Instead, use an ID verification sol
which combs through 2.1 billion records to match name-to-address and verify
that every customer is exactly who they say they are.


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