Envelopes evoke emotion – so says a head honcho from the Envelope Manufacturers Association Foundation (EMAF). So, do people really like receiving mail? Do envelopes really encourage a call-to-action? 
The answer is a resounding yes – 75 percent of Americans say they are most likely to pay attention to direct mail, three times more than unsolicited email, internet banner or pop-up ads, telemarketing calls, door-to-door marketing and mobile phone text messages, the EMAF report reveals. 
Americans also respond more positively to direct mail in envelopes than flyers or postcards, with 45 percent of women, people over age 34 (44 percent), African-Americans (45 percent) and Hispanics (46 percent) registering the strongest. 
Why do envelopes resonate so well with Americans? The study found that the personal touch, tangibility and privacy offered with the use of envelopes is what drives its preference – both in transactional and direct marketing communications. Three out of four Americans, or 78 percent, prefer to receive bills in an envelope in the mail. One of the reasons why is because of privacy issues or security concerns associated online transactions. 
The findings are based on a national survey of 1,800 Americans age 18 and older.