Good News: Print and Mail are Alive and Well

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By Nancy DeDiemar, president, Printing Resources of Southern California
It is about time that quick printers got some good news, and here it is:
Print and mail are alive and well!
Contrary to conventional wisdom among customers and even some printers that direct mail is “junk” mail, or “old” technology, or incompatible with environmental stewardship, print and mail remain an important part of any effective marketing program.
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4 Tips to Save Money on Printing

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By Nani Paape, independent project facilitator

Money Saving Tip #1: Choose an efficient flat size
With paper costs accounting for 25 percent or more of a print job’s cost, it pays to be smart about paper.

You will always get a better deal on printing when your piece fits on the printing paper with little off-cut, the part of the sheet trimmed away and tossed directly into the recycling bin.

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