Data Quality & Its Impact on Marketing Campaigns

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Data is undoubtedly the backbone of any organization’s strategies and marketing campaigns. Simply put, if the right data is not available, or the quality of data is not up to the mark, analysts will end up making wrong decisions, which would have a trickledown effect from the higher echelons of the management teams, right till the lower levels within an organization.… Read More

Five Reasons to Start Investing in Data Quality Consulting Today

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Data has become the keyword to reckon with in each and every organization out there. It would be safe to say that data management has become the top most priority for organizations, given the complexity and importance it poses within the business’s structure.… Read More

Email Validation: the backbone of every email marketing campaign

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Business and consumers rely heavily on emails, when it comes to communicating with each other. Since email messaging is an integral part of every business’ communication channel, it has become one of the most important communication tools within the business world.… Read More