ID Document Verification: What Is It & How Can It Prevent Digital Fraud?

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Until the COVID pandemic, there were many people who preferred visiting the bank to make transactions rather than making online transactions, shopping for groceries in the market rather than through an app and so on.

The lockdown forced everyone to embrace digitization and learn to move with technology. Companies too have had to work towards making themselves more accessible to customers.… Read More

PEP & Sanction Screening: Key Differences & How They Work Together

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Competition between an increasing number of Fintech organizations and other financial institutions is growing. Firms are under pressure to deliver a great customer experience while managing costs, risks, and compliance and ensuring operational resilience. Thus managing customer KYC compliance becomes critical for these financial institutions and it is a legal requirement to establish the customer’s identity and minimize fraud related risk.… Read More

Card Not Present (CNP) Fraud: Learn How to Detect & Prevent It

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E-commerce is no longer limited to big brands. Everyone from the neighborhood cafe to the handicraft retailers has built an online presence for themselves. E-commerce is thriving! But, as it grows, so do the instances of fraud.

According to a study, Card Not Present (CNP) fraud accounts for 70% of all fraud losses. In 2020, this amounted to $19.43 billion worldwide.… Read More

6 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Data

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Since its launch a few years ago, Microsoft Dynamics 365 has repeatedly proved how it can benefit organizations. It empowers companies to offer better customer service, higher marketing conversions, better sales and more reliable analysis.

In today’s world, data handling and customer service are the most important factors determining a company’s chances of success. Of course, to experience these benefits, you must work with trustworthy data.… Read More

The APAC Grocery Sector – Overcoming Delivery Challenges

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From a box of blueberries to bake a cheesecake for dessert to everyday lentils and vegetables, a growing percentage of home cooks are getting their groceries home-delivered from e-commerce sites and apps. The APAC food and grocery sector was valued at $4,863 in 2020 and is expected to see a 6% CAGR by 2025.

Understanding The Impact Of Delayed Deliveries

The convenience of shopping online far outweighs having to pay a little extra for shipping.… Read More