To Tease or Not to Tease

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by Ray Jutkins 
That is the question. A big decision you must make is whether or not to use teaser copy on the outside of your envelope. Teaser copy is the copy printed on the outer envelope of an Admail package. Obviously, you want your Admail to get the greatest possible response. So, will teaser copy help or hinder you in getting the response you need? The only way to know this is to test. When you test here are some things to consider:
3 ways for you to develop good teaser copy for your Admail:
1. Explain who you are. Explain what your offer is. Explain what the benefits will be to the prospect if they respond to your Admail. 
2. Entertain your prospect or customer. Entertain them with something just a tick humorous. We all know that humor can back- fire. What is funny to you may not be funny to me. If you elect to entertain, know your audience. 
3. Enhance the product or service you are offering. Many times this works best when you are upgrading or cross-selling. Or, adding value to a product or service you are selling to your current customer base 
Teaser copy has both a positive and negative aspect to it. The negative is that the teaser identifies the package as Admail.
The positive is that a well executed teaser can actually increase response by whetting the appetite. 
Here are 8 things you need to consider if you elect to use teaser copy:
1. Make sure the copy relates to the offer. Don’t use copy on the outside of the envelope to trick your prospect to get inside … then not pay it off with a sound offer. 
2. Make sure the teaser copy offers some kind of a benefit. If there is no benefit, then there will be no reason for the audience to get inside the envelope. 
3. Does the teaser copy urge action? Does it ask your prospect to get inside and do something – now? It should! 
4. Does the teaser copy tie to the opening of the letter and brochure? Make certain that it does. Make sure the outside ties with the inside. 
5. Do the graphics and copy tie together? Do they complement your package? Or do they confuse the issue? Make sure they complement. 
6. Does your Admail package avoid imitation? Stealing ideas from others is good. Copying others is usually disastrous. Don’t do it! Don’t even think about it. Be original. 
7. Does your teaser copy have a “YOU” attitude? Does it talk about what the customer and prospect are going to gain? Does it talk in their language? Make certain it does. 
8. Does the teaser copy talk with the reader? Not at them, not to them, but with them? 
Ray Jutkins is a direct marketing specialist who works with business-to-business and consumer clients throughout the world. He is the author of Magic Marketing Minutes and Power Direct Marketing.