Address Quality – Take 2

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By David Loshin

We have dealt with some of our core address quality concepts, but not this one:

The intended recipient must be associated with the deliverable address.

The problem here is no longer address quality but rather address

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Senate Green Lights Postal Reform – But Is It Enough?

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Postal Reform legislation passed the Senate this month, but according to the
Postal Service (and who should know better?) S. 1789 falls disappointedly short
of restoring the USPS to financial viability.

For the past two years, the Postmaster General and the Board of Governors of the
USPS have worked diligently preparing a comprehensive five-year plan to
profitability that would enable revenue generation and achieve cost reductions
of $20 billion by 2015 – restoring the Postal Service to long-term growth.… Read More