Record Linkage and Data Enhancement

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By David Loshin

In my last two posts we looked at the distribution of information about entities and the use of record linkage to find corresponding data records in different data sets that can be linked together. Record linkage can be used for a number of processes that we bundle under the concept of “data enhancement,” which we’ll use to describe any methods for

improving the value and usefulness of information.… Read More

What is Fuzzy Matching?

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According to a study by The Information Difference, one third of its respondents rate their data quality as poor, and only 4 percent as excellent. What’s jaw-dropping – 63 percent have no idea what poor data quality may be costing them.


One major root cause of poor data quality is duplicate records. Duplicate records – at any level or amount – create conflicting information which prevents organizations from gaining a single, accurate view of a customer.Read More

Wayward Seasonal Catalog Waste Ends With Web-based Apps

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By Donna Hogan
Special Correspondent for TechNews Arizona



‘Tis the season to pack mailboxes with hefty holiday gift catalogs from Williams-Sonoma, See’s Candies, Sears, et al, touting great deals on everything from peppermint bark to perfume to pots and pans.


But how many of the glossy paper-based pitches for toys or fishing gear or lingerie are addressed to a long-ago homeowner and resented by the “or current” resident who has to dispose of them?Read More