Dubletten vermeiden stellt eine hohe Datenqualität sicher

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Max Mustermann, Mustermann Max, M. Mustermann … ein Name, zahlreiche Varianten. Das Risiko, dass Unternehmen Kontaktdaten mehrfach vorhalten, ist groß. Experten schätzen, dass jede Datenbank durchschnittlich 8 bis 10 % Dubletten beinhaltet. Bei Unternehmen, die Daten ihrer Kunden bzw. Interessenten in unterschiedlichen Systemen speichern, kann dieser Wert noch um ein Vielfaches größer sein. Die Folgen sind höhere Kosten durch Mehrfachaussendungen, verärgerte Kunden und falsche unternehmerische Entscheidungen.… Read More

Melissa Data Quality Solutions Help Protect Voting Rights and Empower Vote by Mail

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CALIF – June 16, 2020 – Melissa, a leading provider of global data quality and address management solutions, today announced a special voter registration data file analysis and processing service to help election boards and registrars improve the accuracy of voter rolls to support implementation of vote by mail programs.

Heading into the U.S. general election in November, it is imperative that jurisdictions possess accurate voter data to properly manage the distribution of voter materials—including vote by mail ballots which have gained widespread traction in the wake of Covid-19,” said Greg Brown, Vice President, Global Marketing, Melissa.

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Benefits of a Single Customer View

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What is a single customer view?

A single customer view, also known as a 360 view of your customers is a method of consolidating all the data you have on your prospects or customers which may be entered into your systems from various channels and merging it into one single record.

Most companies will experience this problem of having scattered information about the same customer which is why matching and merging your customer data into one consolidated record will enable a powerful view demographically, as well as the actions they may have performed over mobile, online, and offline.… Read More