Join Us for Address Cleaning in SAP: Integration of REST Web Services

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Join us for a webinar on December 2, 2010.

With the rapid change of data combined with a need for accurate information delivered in a timely and efficient manner, many companies are looking at ways to integrate contact data verification into their CRM systems to prevent bad address, phone and email data from entering the database at point of data entry.… Read More

Melissa Data Closes 2009 with Record Sales for DQ Product Line

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Multiple sales in December for the Total Data Quality Integration Toolkit (TDQ-IT) helped close out the year, exceeding expected forecast.

Melissa Data has a host of data quality and enrichment solutions to help any size company – from small to mid-size companies to Fortune 500. The product offering includes multiplatform APIs, Web services, and enterprise platforms like TDQ-IT which delivers the full spectrum of data quality processes, as defined by Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.Read More