What Is A Postal Code And Why Is It Important For Address Verification And Validation?

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Did you know that Aurangabad in Maharashtra shares its name with a city in Bihar? Similarly, ‘Pune’ is the name of a city as well as a district in Maharashtra. There are many other cities and districts across India that share names. Cities share names internationally too. There’s a city called Kochi in Kerala and one in Japan. Almost every state in the USA has a community called Springfield.… Read More

Methods of Contact

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By David Loshin

In the last post, I suggested that a key aspect of managing customer centricity is the need to gain some mastery over the many varied channels for communication as well as the varied means by which individuals represent themselves within each (or many) of these channels. To that end, let’s look at media/methods, classifications, and identity.

For example, we have telephone connectivity, which basically covers peer-to-peer network connections, and can be deployed via physical wireline, wireless, or Voice over IP (VOIP).… Read More