Better Marketing Starts with Better Data

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Improve Data Quality for More Accurate
Analysis with Alteryx and Melissa


are under more pressure than ever to gain accurate contact data for their
customers. When your consumer base ranges from Los Angeles to Tokyo, it can be
challenging. Poor data quality has a critical impact on both the financial
stability as well as the operations of a business. Verifying and maintaining
vast quantities of accurate contact data is often inefficient and falls short
of the mark.
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Just Grow Up

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By Elliot King

When it comes to data quality, so many companies need a change of attitude–or to put it bluntly, they just need to grow up. Too often, organizations approach data quality reactively, addressing their efforts to fixing what they discover as broken as quickly as possible. A proactive approach is generally more effective. In this perspective, data is viewed as a strategic asset and data quality is seen as a strategic initiative rather than a cost.
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