Record Matching Made Easy with MatchUp Web Service

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Melissa’s solution to identify and eliminate duplicate records, is now
available as a web service for batch processes, fulfilling one of most frequent
requests from our customers – accurate database matching without maintaining
and linking to libraries, or shelling out to the necessary locally-hosted data


you can integrate MatchUp into any aspect of your network that can communicate
with our secure servers using common protocols like XML, JSON, REST or SOAP.


a predefined matching strategy, map the table input columns necessary to
identify matches to the respective request elements, and submit the records for
processing. Duplicate rows can be identified by a combination of NAME, ADDRESS,


select list of matching strategies removes the complexity of configuring rules,
while still applying our fast and versatile fuzzy matching algorithms and
extensive datatype-specific knowledge base, ensuring the tough-to-identify
duplicates will be flagged by MatchUp. 


The output response returned by the service
can be used to update a database or create a unique marketing list by
evaluating each record’s result codes, group identifier and group count, and
using the record’s unique identifier to link back the original database record.


Melissa’s servers do the processing, there are no key files – the temporary
sorting files – to manage, freeing up valuable hardware resources on your local


can access the MatchUp
Web Service
license by obtaining a valid license from our sales team and
selecting the endpoint compatible to your development platform and necessary
request structures here.

Melissa Data Offers Free Webinar Featuring Big Data Preparation and Cleansing

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Gain Insight on Creating Golden Records

Using Intuitive Tools for Pentaho Platform


Big Data is here to stay, creating a wealth of
redundant information based on exponential growth in the number and type of
data sets. How can users achieve data quality and better maintain standardized
contact data?


Melissa Data, a leading provider of
contact data quality and address management solutions, and Pentaho®
Data Integration (PDI), have optimized solutions to tackle these common data
issues. PDI gives users the ability to beautify Big Data with its Graphic
User Interface Data Integration Platform, reading and writing from multiple
data sources while achieving the same quality and flexibility as a high-level
programming language. Together, with Melissa Data’s Data Quality Components for
Pentaho and the use of its MatchUp solution, businesses can eliminate
redundant data and keep the best record, the Golden Record, for a single,
accurate 360o view of each contact.



Join this webinar and learn how to: 

  • Simplify and automate data without any
    programming in Pentaho
  • Clean, consolidate, and correct data with Melissa
    Data Components for Pentaho
  • Match Records with Melissa Data’s MatchUp
    component and merge data through the Survivorship process, collapsing duplicates
    into a single, complete, accurate record



Tuesday, November 15, 2016 from 9:30 AM – 10:30



Click here to
register and add the event to your calendar



Since 1985, Melissa Data has specialized in contact data
quality and address management tools with a global perspective. The company’s
solutions help organizations capture and maintain international customer
contact data at the point of entry, ensuring accurate, enterprise-wide
customer information. More than 10,000 clients worldwide in arenas such as
retail, education, healthcare, insurance, finance, and government, rely on
Melissa Data for full spectrum data validation software and services. For
more information or free product trials, visit or
call 1-800-MELISSA
(635-4772). Follow Melissa Data on
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.


Why Golden Records are Key to Solid Data Quality

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Your company most likely receives information from various
applications. This has made it so that maintaining clean and consolidated data
is tricky; however it is more important than ever.

There are many costs associated when working with incomplete
or incorrect information.  The solution
to these headaches is data quality. Data quality is the process of identifying
and correcting information.  It refers to
reliability, completeness and accuracy of the information that is flowing
through your systems. It mainly applies to addresses, emails and phone numbers.
Having data quality gives you the ability work more effectively with your

To take it a step further, data quality also encompasses
something known as a Golden Record. A Golden Record is the art and science of
selecting the “true” data and using it to correct incomplete or incorrect
information. For example, you may have one record of a customer’s recent
purchase with an email and then a past record with that customer’s information
and a different email. Obtaining a Golden Record of that customer would mean
having the most up-to-date and correct data on them, all in one single view.

Golden Records work based on a set of rules that you apply.
You can use things such as filtering, using most recent data, etc. This gives
you complete control over creating your Golden Records and establishing,
validating, and applying rules all based on your own information.

Melissa Data offers a comprehensive set of capabilities for
cleansing and deduplicating contact data. Here are just a few of them:

Global Verify: Standardize and parse addresses for 240+

SmartMover: Update the addresses of individuals, families
and businesses that have moved

Matchup: Consolidate duplicate records and automate Golden
Record selection

Fuzzy Match: Identify data quality issues for immediate

These are just a few of the solutions Melissa Data has to
offer to help you achieve Data Quality and obtain a Golden Record of customers.
Learn more about Melissa Data’s solutions.

By Natalia Crawford

How to Create a Golden Record

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Some common goals in database administration include
maintaining clean and effective patient data. A step that is often overlooked
comes as the final step of the process and is importance for the purposes of
survivorship, it is known as the “Golden Record”. A Golden Record is the
creation of a single, accurate, and complete version of a patient record.

Here is how you can determine the most accurate data to use
in establishing the Golden Record:

Once you’ve gone through the matching process, you will most
likely end up with duplicated records bundled into duplicate groups that are
ready for consolidation. What comes this is where the unique or “winning”
Golden Record becomes the next logical step. The process of selecting the best
possible record as the surviving candidate can be tricky. However, techniques
can be applied to perform the selection of the record that will be selected for

How do you know which record you should keep? There are
three commonly used techniques to selecting the surviving record:

1.       1. The most recent methodology is based on
date-stamped records. Order them from most recent to least recent and then
consider the most recent eligible as the survivor.

2.      2.  The most frequent approach matches records that
contain the same information as an indication of their accuracy. When more than
one record obtains the information it is an indication of their correctedness.

3.       3. The most complete method considers field
completeness as its primary factor of correctness. The records that obtain the
most filled out fields are considered to be the best record for survivorship.

Golden Records should be the goal of for all databases.
Obtaining data quality is key to having the best connection and insight into
your database.

 By Natalia Crawford


Melissa Data Helps Improve Quality of Care through a Single View of the Patient

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New Company Magazine Features Data Quality Insights on Merging Duplicate Patient Records into a Golden Record, also Tips on Improving Healthcare Data Warehousing

Rancho Santa Margarita, CALIF. – September 9, 2014 – Melissa Data, a leading provider of global contact data quality and data enrichment solutions, today announced matching and de-duping functionality that solves duplicate records for healthcare database administrators (DBAs). Using tools based on proprietary logic from Melissa Data, healthcare DBAs can consolidate duplicate customer records objectively, unlike any other data quality solution. This and other healthcare data quality challenges are featured in Melissa Data Magazine, the company’s new quarterly resource for DBAs and data quality developers.

Healthcare data is characterized by a steady stream of patient records and evolving contact points, warranting a smart, consistent method to determine the best contact information. Melissa Data Magazine highlights a new way to merge duplicate records, based on a unique data quality score that retains the best pieces of data from all of the various records.

“It’s essential that healthcare data managers acknowledge data quality challenges up front, implementing processes to cleanse and maintain the trustworthiness of the information that goes into their master data systems,” said Bud Walker, director of data quality solutions, Melissa Data. “Our new publication outlines how to ensure this high level of data precision, creating an accurate, single view of the patient. This is known as the Golden Record and is of critical value in healthcare settings – reducing costs, streamlining business operations and improving patient care.”

Highlighting industry-specific data quality tools and solutions, Melissa Data Magazine will help DBAs and health information managers adapt to evolving challenges particularly as data becomes more global in nature. Future published issues will feature technologies such as SQL Server development tools, and markets such as retail, ecommerce, government and real estate.

Melissa Data Magazine will be available at the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) conference, Booth #723, starting September 27 in San Diego, Calif. Click here to download the healthcare issue of Melissa Data Magazine, or call 1-800-MELISSA (635-4772) for more information.

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