Herausforderungen beim Stammdatenmanagement

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Laut einer Studie1 des Verbands Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e. V. (VDMA) ist in Unternehmen mit Abstand die größte Herausforderung die Datenpflege. 84 Prozent der Umfrageteilnehmer schätzen den damit verbundenen Aufwand zur Eingabe, Suche und Pflege von Daten als hoch ein. „Hier sollten Unternehmen ansetzen, denn nur mit einer hohen Datenqualität ist ein effizienter Einsatz der Systeme gewährleistet“, so Prof.… Read More

Record Matching Made Easy with MatchUp Web Service

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Melissa’s solution to identify and eliminate duplicate records, is now
available as a web service for batch processes, fulfilling one of most frequent
requests from our customers – accurate database matching without maintaining
and linking to libraries, or shelling out to the necessary locally-hosted data


you can integrate MatchUp into any aspect of your network that can communicate
with our secure servers using common protocols like XML, JSON, REST or SOAP.
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Melissa Data Offers Free Webinar Featuring Big Data Preparation and Cleansing

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Gain Insight on Creating Golden Records

Using Intuitive Tools for Pentaho Platform


Big Data is here to stay, creating a wealth of
redundant information based on exponential growth in the number and type of
data sets. How can users achieve data quality and better maintain standardized
contact data?


Melissa Data, a leading provider of
contact data quality and address management solutions, and Pentaho®
Data Integration (PDI), have optimized solutions to tackle these common data

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Why Golden Records are Key to Solid Data Quality

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Your company most likely receives information from various
applications. This has made it so that maintaining clean and consolidated data
is tricky; however it is more important than ever.

There are many costs associated when working with incomplete
or incorrect information.  The solution
to these headaches is data quality. Data quality is the process of identifying
and correcting information.  It refers to
reliability, completeness and accuracy of the information that is flowing
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How to Create a Golden Record

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Some common goals in database administration include
maintaining clean and effective patient data. A step that is often overlooked
comes as the final step of the process and is importance for the purposes of
survivorship, it is known as the “Golden Record”. A Golden Record is the
creation of a single, accurate, and complete version of a patient record.

Here is how you can determine the most accurate data to use
in establishing the Golden Record:

Once you’ve gone through the matching process, you will most
likely end up with duplicated records bundled into duplicate groups that are
ready for consolidation.… Read More