Clairvoyix Saves Thousands in Consumer Data Hygiene Costs

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Saving money and boosting revenue is, more often than not, easier said than done. Not in the case of Clairvoyix. Clairvoyix has saved more than $100,000 in consumer data hygiene costs after finding the most accurate and affordable solution for their data verification needs, Melissa’s Data Quality Suite. Read how Clairvoyix, a consumer data management and direct marketing firm, cut costs and increased revenue in the case study Clairvoyix Cleans Critical Marketing Data with Melissa’s Data Quality Suite.… Read More

3 Ways to Get Your Integrated Marketing in Gear

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you feel your marketing efforts need to be more unified? Try integrated
marketing – a holistic approach to ensuring your audience receives a consistent
message both online and offline. But to be effective, you need the data to
reach them the way they want to be contacted. Here’s 3 easy ways to get your
integrated marketing in gear.


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A Quick and Easy Way to Grow Your Email List

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Email marketing is a key factor of every successful
marketing strategy. It’s direct, yields high response, and is trackable. A
great way to expand email marketing is to add email addresses to your postal
customer base. The good news is that there is a quick and affordable way to do
that and expand your email list in order to directly engage your customers.
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