Warum lohnt sich Adressvalidierung für E-Commerce-Anbieter?

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Der E-Commerce-Markt im B2C-Bereich wächst kontinuierlich. Doch um wettbewerbsfähig zu bleiben, benötigen Betreiber von Online-Shops korrekte Kundendaten. Deren Überprüfung, Aufbereitung, Analyse und Interpretation in Echtzeit werden zunehmend unerlässlich. Bei der Umsetzung dieser Anforderungen unterstützen moderne Technologien rund um die Adressvalidierung im E-Commerce gleich auf mehreren Ebenen.

Dass Online-Händler die künftigen Aufgaben ohne leistungsfähige Software immer schwerer werden bewältigen können, verdeutlichen verschiedene Studien.… Read More

Improve Address Data Accuracy with Delivery Point Validation (DPV) and Address Verification

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In today’s digital era, sending mail by post seems unnecessary. But, it’s still a very effective way to reach out to your audience. Direct mail has the third highest ROI. It’s much higher than that of an online display campaign or even a paid search.

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5 Ways Address Verification Helps Improve the E-commerce Customer Experience

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As a customer, there’s nothing more frustrating than having to wait a week for your order and then to have it delivered to the wrong address! This isn’t great for the company either. You have to pay extra shipping charges and may just have lost a customer.

E-commerce has changed the rules of competition and today to be the top seller, you need to provide the best customer experience.… Read More

PYMNTS October Tracker: Melissa on Email Verification Evolution

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COVID-19 has changed the way consumers interact – i.e. preference for ecommerce and digital connection has skyrocketed and maintained its popularity even as storefronts begin to reopen. But unfortunately, fraudsters seem to continue to take advantage of this digital norm. How can email verification assist in fraud prevention initiatives while maintaining a seamless, easy onboarding experience for consumers?

Download the October 2020 Digital Consumer Onboarding Tracker here and find out what Melissa has to say about the evolution of email verification and what others have to say about its role in 2020.… Read More

[WEBINAR] The Importance of Knowing Your Customer

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Ecommerce volume is soaring—and the holidays will drive demand even higher. It’s more important than ever before to understand your website’s audience and avoid the problems that come from inadequate order verification.

In this webinar, we’ll draw from Digital Commerce 360 data and news reporting to discuss how retailers can avoid the problems that come from insufficient knowledge of their customers—as individuals.… Read More