How to Save Time and Money on Shipping and Mailing

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When it comes to mailing and shipping,  undeliverable mail, increased costs due to
waste, returned mail, and keeping up with ever-changing regulations are just a few
of the headaches that are dealt with. What if I told you that there are
solutions to all of these problems? That you can improve your mail
deliverability AND lower postage costs?

Ultimately, the answer boils down to having clean customer
data.… Read More

Say Goodbye to Stale Data

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While you already have an address validation solution in place, you probably don’t have the most updated contact data. Outdated, stale data stored in silos within enterprises can lead to a complete deterioration of your database. That’s why it’s important to implement a move update processing service to keep the addresses in your database current and up-t0-date.


Move updating your database ensures deliverability, validates the integrity of your database, increases postal processing efficiency, and reduces waste.Read More