5 Steps To Maintain High-Quality Phone Number Database

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Though we’ve moved forward from landline phones to personal mobiles, a phone call remains the ideal way to connect with customers. 56% of a survey’s respondents ranked the telephone as their most preferred communication channel. Of course, you must have the right telephone numbers.

Putting together a directory of numbers is relatively easy. 79% of a survey’s respondents said that they would be willing to share information about themselves for personalized interactions while 56% were willing to share information for better service.… Read More

Improving Customer Retention

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CRM’s are a commonly used tool to gather information on
customer’s and improve customer relationships with the objective of customer
retention. CRM’s contain information on customer’s name, address, email, phone
and more that helps sales representatives have a deeper understanding and
context around every individual customer. They create a centralized location
where you can store all of your necessary contact data without it accidentally
being discarded.… Read More

Catch Bad Data Before it Wrecks Your Business

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Did you know that bad data can wreck your business? That’s
right, not updating, verifying and maintaining data is having a bigger impact
on your business than you realize. Bad data is costly and it provides inaccurate information. This ends
up affecting communication and sales strategies that, in the long run, affect and may potentially wreck your business.

Don’t let bad data wreck your business.… Read More

Mistakes Are All Around Us

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By Elliot King

Mistakes happen. No matter how effective your data quality program is; no matter how well trained your personnel are; no matter how aware you are of the high cost of low data quality, data errors will creep into your databases. The reason is simple. Before information winds up in a database, it passes through a series of steps involving both human interaction and computation from data acquisition to archival storage.
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Data Quality Tips from Our Experts

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By Tim Sidor

DQT Product Specialist


Speeding Up MatchUp Object Incremental Processing

The Incremental Deduping Interface allows multi-users to simultaneously verify existing records and add new ones. This may come at the expense of speed, however, because each record processed must be immediately added (inserted) to the key file, so each running process can see the newly updated key file – ensuring accurate data storage.Read More