Standardizing Classifications

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By David Loshin

In the most recent post, we posed a straightforward problem: if we have a reporting or analytical objective that depends on using a dimension for classification, what happens when two different value domains are presumed to map to the same conceptual domain?

More concretely, the example we used was mapping individuals to their car
purchase preferences, but different applications used different car
classifications that did not share the same number of values and the value sets
did not directly map in a one-to-one manner.… Read More

Distributed Data and Distributed Information

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By David Loshin

You might not realize how broad your electronic footprint really is. Do you have any idea how many data sets contain information about and specific individual? These days, any interaction you have with any organization is likely to be documented electronically. And, for those curious enough to read the fine print of the “privacy” policies, you might not be

surprised to find that many of those organizations managing information about you are sharing that information with others.… Read More