Say Goodbye to Bad Data Before it Enters Your System with Global Express Entry

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By Edward Dombrowski Data Quality Analyst


Maybe you’re already
familiar with the way Express Entry and Express Entry Desktop Edition can
autocomplete addresses – just select the country and type in the beginning of
an address, and the service can fill in the missing information, using address
data from over 240 countries.

But did you know the
many benefits to autocompleting addresses?
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From Russia, With Love

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Melissa Data recently attended its first Russian industry conference – a SQL Saturday event held in Moscow on Nov. 17th. Our very own Inna Selipanov, who heads up Melissa Data’s European division, was on hand to showcase our data quality solutions and demonstrate the importance of contact data verification. All in all, it was a great event, and an honor to expand our reach internationally.… Read More

The Smart Way to Validate, Correct and Enrich Contact Data

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Our sleek new WebSmart Services brochure is now available for download.


WebSmart is a collection of services for contact data verification, requiring no software or maintenance. WebSmart is easy to integrate into any application or Web service.


Popular services include:


  • WebSmart Address Verifier – Standardize, correct and verify U.S or Canada postal addresses.
  • WebSmart Phone Verifier – Verify, update and correct U.S.
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Join Us for Address Cleaning in SAP: Integration of REST Web Services

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Join us for a webinar on December 2, 2010.

With the rapid change of data combined with a need for accurate information delivered in a timely and efficient manner, many companies are looking at ways to integrate contact data verification into their CRM systems to prevent bad address, phone and email data from entering the database at point of data entry.… Read More