Big Data In Retail: Common Benefits And 4 Real-Life Examples

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From defining prices to forecasting demand and deciding what would be the best time to offer customers a discount, big data is revolutionizing the retail space. Did you know that product recommendation algorithms are responsible for 35% of Amazon’s sales? They’re not alone.

Both offline and online retailers are adopting data-first strategies to understand customer profiles, map their needs to products and devise marketing strategies that increase sales and profits.… Read More

Eine hohe Datenqualität ist entscheidend für funktionierende Big-Data-Projekte

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„Daten sind das neue Gold.“ Dieses oftmals verwendete Zitat klingt einerseits abgedroschen, ist aber andererseits nach wie vor zutreffend und oftmals ist in Big-Data-Beiträgen von der neuen Währung die Rede. Was leider häufig vernachlässigt wird, ist die Tatsache, dass nur validierte Daten wertvoll sind. Denn was haben Anbieter davon, wenn sie über Unmengen von Analyse-Informationen verfügen, aber gleichzeitig ihre Kundendaten im CRM-System nicht korrekt sind?… Read More

How to Drain a Murky, Big Data Swamp

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Gathering data without proper governance can turn data lakes into data swamps – devoid of metadata management, rife with duplication, plagued with errors, and presenting an opaque view of your operations. But Big Data verification and governance solutions can transform expanding data volumes into trusted, actionable information across the enterprise. Melissa’s V.P. of Enterprise Sales and Strategy, Bud Walker, shares exclusive insight in Drain the Swamp, an article in The DZone Guide to Big Data.… Read More

MDM – Secure, Fast and Hassle-Free with Unison

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Automated data quality routines, lightning fast processing (50 million records per hour), and no programming expertise required for master data management? Unison has you covered. It unifies all of Melissa’s data cleansing technologies through a straightforward, modern and powerful user interface without sacrificing speed or security. Explore what makes Unison so unique from other platforms and how it was designed with data stewards in mind.… Read More