How to Drain a Murky, Big Data Swamp

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Gathering data without proper governance can turn data lakes into data swamps – devoid of metadata management, rife with duplication, plagued with errors, and presenting an opaque view of your operations. But Big Data verification and governance solutions can transform expanding data volumes into trusted, actionable information across the enterprise. Melissa’s V.P. of Enterprise Sales and Strategy, Bud Walker, shares exclusive insight in Drain the Swamp, an article in The DZone Guide to Big Data. Turn to Page 29 to see how you can drain the murky data from your data swamp to pull deep value from the reaches of your data.

MDM – Secure, Fast and Hassle-Free with Unison

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Automated data quality routines, lightning fast processing (50 million records per hour), and no programming expertise required for master data management? Unison has you covered. It unifies all of Melissa’s data cleansing technologies through a straightforward, modern and powerful user interface without sacrificing speed or security. Explore what makes Unison so unique from other platforms and how it was designed with data stewards in mind. Turn to page 34 in Big Data Quarterly for a Melissa exclusive on Unison.

Fintech Connect – Excel, London

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Fintech Connect is coming up next week and as we prepare for the show, we thought we would come to our blog to let attendees know what to expect from the team. This will be our second time at the event and as a leading fintech event, there will be a number of players in the fintech ecosystem attending the event to view the latest innovations changing the fact of the sector, so we’re looking forward to meeting everyone. For more information in regards to the event, you can visit the official website here.

The Melissa team will be there for both days at Stand C3 where we’ll be providing demos of our services. In particular, we’ll be talking all things identity at the event focusing on our ID verification solution – this comprehensive tool, that is easily and quickly integrated, enables financial service providers such as fintech and banking institutions, insurance providers and money transfer companies to eliminate billions of pounds in losses, streamline and accelerate compliance, and exceed customer expectations for speedy transactions and simplified onboarding.

Our ID verification solution is fully compliant to all major regulations and performs identity resolution with capabilities such as national ID, age, and full contact data verification, data enrichment, and watchlist screening.

One of the newest features include fast and uniquely effective onboarding, based on dynamic Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and proprietary biometric facial recognition. Print information is quickly extracted to digital format, while customers are authenticated as living and present. Additionally, powerful entity matching capabilities consolidate diverse data sources to ensure the most accurate single customer view (SCV) and uncover hidden relationships in customer data.

In addition to technology demos, we will be sharing customer success stories, featuring insight on how Metabank and car2go have utilised global verification services to protect against fraudulent identities and reduce cost. There will also be a special offer for Fintech Connect attendees, so remember to swing by the stand and take advantage of that!

If you’re attending Fintech Connect and want to set up a 1-to-1 with the team, you can register your details here and one of our team will get back to you to arrange a time!

Key Information:

Fintech Connect 2019

Excel London

5th – 6th December 2019

Melissa Global Intelligence: Stand C3

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter where we provide daily updates about the London team as well as discuss our products and answer FAQs! We’ll also be live tweeting from the event so get involved if you can and we’ll see you there!