Centricity and Connections: Clearing the Air

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By David Loshin

There are opportunities for adjusting your strategy for customer centricity based on understanding the grouping relationships that bind individuals together (either tightly or loosely). And in the last post, we looked at some examples in which linking customer records into groups was straightforward when the values to be compared and weighted for similarity are exact matches. When the values are not exact, it introduces some level of doubt into the decision process for including a record into a group.

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7 Steps to Enhance Product Data Quality

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The TDWI Checklist Report on Product Data Quality points out the most pressing technology requirements for improving the quality of product data:

1.      Support product data’s diverse and complex standards. Standardization is the most common data quality technique, regardless of the data type. 

2.      Enhance product data with additional information. Even when product data is clean and standardized, its value can be raised by filling in vacant fields and appending data.Read More