How to Improve Customer Data Quality

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In any customer-centric business, be it hospitality, banking, retail or insurance, there are numerous touchpoints where the consumer interacts with the business. Many interactions take place between the consumer and the business through various direct and indirect channels: direct marketing campaigns (email, mailers, telemarketing, etc.); points of sale; information kiosks; online shopping portals; and feedback forms for services rendered.

During all these transactions or points of contact, consumer data is collected in varying ways. The trouble lies in the lack of a consistent framework in collecting consumer attributes. Most organizations collect the same consumer through multiple channels with no consistency in the attributes collected. Hence, when these organizations build data warehouses and data marts to study consumer behavior, they lead to a large number of duplicates in the consumer tables in the warehouse or mart. This can be disastrous for any business.

Data deduplication is the process of defining duplicate consumer data in consumer-centric databases and seeking corrective action to cleanse the duplicate records from the databases and ensuring that no coherent, accurate, and relevant data is lost in the process.

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