Global IP New Features – Proxy Identification

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is proud to announce new features for our IP Locator web
service. Update introduces the ProxyType and ProxyDescription response
fields, that can help identify if the IP is currently under a proxy. These new
additions come with no additional subscription or change in request formatting,
so make sure your system takes advantage of these new features.


introduces what kind of proxy an IP is under, if any. The proxy can help give
information on reliability of the IP’s metadata. For example, it can be said
that anonymous proxies are definitively unreliable and can show that the
metadata can be useless. Corporate proxies, on the other hand, are more likely
to be reliable. Make sure to check an IP’s Proxy to ensure the information you
are checking is valid.


expands on the details for the ProxyType. For example, a hosting proxy can be
used for the purposes for DNS validation or personal VPN needs.


with ProxyType and ProxyDescription, Update 29 also introduces a new result
code ‘IS03’ that appears when the IP is under a proxy. A recommended practice
is to check the results if it contains IS03, then move to examining the contents
of the two fields, ProxyType and ProxyDescription.


on over to our official IP Proxy wiki
for more details on the new proxy fields. Our sample code is also updated with
the new fields, so be sure to test out the new features.