Melissa Introduces Mailers Online PRO for High Volume Postal Discounts

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Presorts and processes up to 1M records per mailing; compliant with USPS®, CASS™ and Canada Post SERP standards for maximum address accuracy

Rancho Santa Margarita, CALIF – September 10, 2019 – Melissa, a leading provider of global name, address, email, phone, and identity verification solutions to improve user experience and KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance, today announced Mailers Online PRO, optimized for high volume mailers to quickly and easily process USPS and Canada Post compliant mailings and presort for maximum USPS discounts. Available as a monthly or annual subscription with convenient cloud access, Mailers Online PRO increases mail deliverability, navigates complex postal regulations with ease, and handles up to 1 million records per mailing.

Mailers Online PRO empowers mailing companies and direct marketers with address quality and mail list processing services such as:

  • CASS/DPV® ZIP+4® coding for highest deliverability
  • USPS NCOALink® + Canada Post NCOA to reach customers that have moved
  • Elimination of duplicates to reduce waste and multiple mailing costs
  • PAVE postal presorting to qualify for First Class and Marketing Mail discounts
  • Label support with easy-to-create PDFs for printing on envelopes, postcards, and labels

Mailers Online PRO rounds out Melissa’s family of web and desktop mailing tools that includes Mailers Online and Mailers +4. To learn more about Mailers Online PRO, visit Melissa at MAILCOM Las Vegas, September 16-18, 2019, at the Tuscany Suites Hotel and Casino; click here if you prefer to set a briefing appointment. To connect with members of Melissa’s global intelligence team outside of this event, visit or call 1-800-MELISSA.


Media contacts

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Leaking Profits? Plug up the UAA Drain!

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Are you struggling to keep printing postage and service costs down? One culprit that could be putting a drain on your profit is return mail. You’d be surprised how undeliverable-as-addressed mail (UAA) can operate like a small tax on your business – costing a little bit in a lot of areas. Turn to page 24 in Mailing Systems and Technology’s June issue to see Melissa’s article: Taking Action to Void Undeliverable-as-Addressed Mail. It details the causes, affects and ways to prevent and deter this expensive, yet avoidable, tax on your business.

Melissa Presort Solutions Achieve USPS PAVE Gold Certification – Again

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March 22, the USPS® PAVE™ (Presort Accuracy, Validation, and
Evaluation) program renewed Gold Certification for all of Melissa’s presort
mailing solutions. In fact, Melissa presorting solutions have been PAVE
Certified for over 22 years, and we are committed to achieving this honor every

PAVE Gold certified products include:

Standard Edition Desktop Software

Professional Edition Desktop Software

Online – Cloud Based Postal Software Alternative

Object® API

that achieve Standard certification undergo an extensive manual review to
determine that all documentation including the USPS® Qualification
Report, PS forms, barcoded tray and sack tags, and other user documentation
meet with DMM® regulations.

like Melissa’s presort solutions achieve Gold Certification by undergoing extensive
electronic analysis in addition to the manual documentation review. Electronic
evaluation allows for more rigorous and in-depth examination for each piece in
the test mailing to ensure compliance.

Using a PAVE Gold Certified product gives
mailers assurance that their mail will be prepared accurately and qualify for
the lowest postage rates available. Melissa PAVE 
products support First-Class Mail, Marketing Mail™ (Standard Mail
Periodicals, and NonProfit Mail including card size, letter size, flat size,
automation, non-automation, non-machinable, Standard Carrier Route, and
destination discounts for SCF, NDC, and DDU.