City of Burbank Improves Address Accuracy with Melissa Data Quality Tools

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Learn How City of Burbank Improves Address Accuracy with Melissa Data Quality Tools

Municipality Now Empowered to Enhance Citizen Services, Amend Census Data and Foster Collaboration Across Teams

Rancho Santa Margarita, CALIF – April 1, 2020 – Melissa, a leading provider of global address, name, email, phone, and identity verification solutions, today announced the City of Burbank has successfully deployed Melissa’s Master Address Table (MAT) tool to boost the accuracy of its address data to better connect with citizens, administer permits, and verify addresses for projects throughout its many departments.

“Local governments and municipalities serve their citizens in a number of ways and many of the services they provide require accurate address data,” said Bud Walker, vice president, enterprise sales and strategy, Melissa. “To ensure residents and businesses receive the services they expect and deserve, the City of Burbank has invested in Melissa MAT address data to improve its ability to notify the public, respond in emergency situations, and even take advantage of federal funding.”

Missing unit numbers for apartment buildings, PO Boxes versus a physical address, and other factors contributed to Burbank’s address data accuracy problem. Inaccuracy could contribute to permit notification issues, delays in delivery of emergency services, and difficulties surrounding Census data gathering – affecting the amount of federal funding the city receives. With better address data, the City added more than 300 missing addresses to the Census file provided by the federal government.

By deploying Melissa’s Master Address Table (MAT) solution, the City now manages and maintains a complete, accurate master address file. MAT consolidates location information and provides true address details on all residences, businesses, apartments, suites, and PO Boxes, with geo-coordinates and demographics.

To improve its geocode data—which coded addresses to a street center line versus directly on top of a building—City personnel integrated MAT data into their current system. “Melissa’s address formatting was in line with our existing data and GIS location accuracy matched 99.9% of the time, far better than competitive solutions compared in testing,” according to Mike Carson, Geographic Information System (GIS) Manager at the City of Burbank. “Melissa’s Address Keys (MAKs) were precisely located on top of buildings while alternatives wouldn’t land on the building or even register the correct street.”

To learn more about the City of Burbank’s journey to accurate and updated addresses, and how its Melissa deployment has advanced the usefulness of address data throughout the organization, download the case study here.

Download Burbank & Melissa MAT Case Study

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4 Ways MAK™ Optimizes Address Data

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Any book made publicly available can be identified by an ISBN. It’s a unique identifier used worldwide by publishers, booksellers and libraries. Just like an ISBN, your business can utilize a unique identifier for every street address – the Melissa Address Key™ (MAK).

MAK technology is address data management at its finest. With address identifier technology, organizations can transform global address data into a reliable index of numerical keys, essentially creating coded addresses. Entire addresses are translated to and from randomly generated 10-digit keys to provide optimal security and easy storage.

MAKs are ideal for analytics, mapping, risk management and logistics applications. Outlined below are just a few ways that using a MAK can streamline your database and optimize your address data applications.

1. Privacy and Security – MAKs are unique global address keys comprised of randomly generated numbers to identify a discrete physical address. Because they are randomly generated, they cannot be reverse engineered – unlike Google Plus Codes which are sequential numbers based on grid location, providing no randomization or anonymity. MAKs are the ideal vehicle to share with vendors or partners while maintaining true data anonymity. It provides the ability to share information yet remain secure and compliant by representing sensitive personally identifiable information with a random 10-digit integer. Because of these secure, private and anonymous capabilities, MAKs are ideal for the healthcare and finance industries.

2. Easy Search and Match – Before MAKs, the only way to uniquely identify an address was with the actual address itself. Searching and matching these records was an imprecise method because even slight variations in the address or its presentation could cause incorrect matching. MAKs never change. Regardless of any changes made to the address by postal authorities, or in the event that an address disappears, your MAK retains that updated information without changing its numbers.

3. Verification – Speaking of updates, postal authorities make changes to their address database anywhere between 30,000 to 40,000 times per month. These updates can include changes to ZIP codes, street names, city names, house numbers and more. Melissa provides updated lists that indicate these address changes monthly, so you no longer have to process millions of records regularly, you just have to update the deltas.

4. Data Enrichment – MAKs can easily be tied with other Melissa enrichment services that add comprehensive demographic, firmographic and geographic information appends to a particular address. Melissa has multiple on-prem and Cloud APIs that accept a MAK as the input, making it a breeze to enrich records. These include APIs like Global Address, GeoCoder™, SmartMover™, Personator™, and Business Coder™.

MAKs have the unique ability to remain consistent in the ever-evolving world of address data. Check out our MAK brochure for a more complete look at MAK capabilities or call 1-800-MELISSA to set up a demonstration of our Melissa Address Key technology.

Melissa Data Launches Industry-First Master Address Table, Adding Location Intelligence to Every U.S. and Canadian Address

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Persistent Address Key Uniquely Simplifies Data
Updates to Changes Only,

Optimized for First Responders, Route Planning
and Analytics

Rancho Santa Margarita, CALIF – August 9, 2016 – Melissa Dataa leading provider of global contact data
quality solutions, today announced its Master Address Table, an industry-first approach
to validating, enhancing, and managing addresses in a given neighborhood or
area. The Master Address Table contains current, detailed information on more
than 180 million U.S. addresses, including residential, commercial, and more
than two million non-USPS® addresses, or physical addresses that do
not receive USPS delivery. In a critical advancement pioneered by Melissa Data,
each address is assigned a Melissa Address Key™(MAK™), a unique, persistent key
that never changes; this proprietary technology ensures efficient data updates,
only required when addresses change or are added.


Data’s Master Address Table provides a complete, real-time database of
residential and business addresses within a specific area, offering a new
advantage to first responders who can now quickly identify an address and
ensure help reaches the correct location immediately. This technology benefits all
data quality applications focused on activities other than mailing, such as optimizing
route planning, resource allocation, analytics, utilities management, risk
assessment, or nonprofit donor tracking.


“We recognized a need within certain areas of our
customer base, as we saw data managers working with saturation lists to ensure
valid address data for services such as emergency response, mapping, or
analytics. Having all the valid addresses in a specific neighborhood differs
dramatically from target marketing, and needed to be more accessible for these users,”
said Bud Walker, vice president enterprise sales and strategy, Melissa Data.
“At the same time, updating this deep volume of data needed to be simplified
and cost-effective. Our persistent address key breaks new ground on that front
– it’s another smart, sharp tool that dramatically reduces time and resources
spent on data updates by only updating keys that are new or have changed.”


The Melissa Address Key is akin to a barcode or ISBN number,
identifying a discrete physical street address and aligning a multitude of
additional information associated with each particular address. Users can
access geographic information such as rooftop lat/long, census tract/block
number, county name, and FIPS code, ideal for analytics, mapping, and logistics
applications. Data can be searched based on specific parameters, for example, congressional
district, school district, one or more ZIP™ codes, or regions such as cities,
counties, or states.


A collection of addresses via the Melissa Data Master
Address Table can be accessed as a one-time purchase including monthly updates
for one year, or on a subscription basis with ongoing monthly updates.
for more insight on Melissa Data’s Master Address Table capabilities, or call