Geokodierung unterstützt Location Intelligence wie auch das Marketing

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Unternehmen, welche die Adressdaten ihrer Kunden um geografische Koordinaten – also Längen- und Breitengrade – erweitern, profitieren hiervon gleich mehrfach. Sie können Wettbewerbsvorteile mithilfe solcher Standortinformationen erzielen, indem sie diese raumbezogen analysieren (Location Intelligence) oder im Rahmen des Geomarketings nutzen.

Location Intelligence versus Geomarketing

Location Intelligence umfasst jene Tools und Prozesse, die im Big-Data-Zeitalter aus Business-Daten raumbezogene Erkenntnisse mit BI-Relevanz extrahieren.… Read More

Why Location Intelligence Is Important For Your Business

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When marketing was focused on brick-and-mortar stores, the location of the store was paramount. If it wasn’t a good enough location, customers may not reach it. Today, in the e-commerce era, the focus has shifted to customer locations. Customers aren’t coming to stores – stores are sending their products to the customer and customers expect their orders delivered literally overnight! Delayed or failed deliveries can harm customer relationships as well as have a financial impact on the company.… Read More

[WEBINAR] Explore When to Use OpenStreetMaps vs Premium Addresses

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OpenStreetMaps is a popular and well-known open source repository for address and GIS data. It may be tempting to want to use this free data to solve your business problems. In many cases, this data may be perfect for what you need; however, there are also many scenarios where a premium paid for a data set is required or preferred.

Join us as we focus on address-level data and geocoding and take a high level look at both data sets to explore the advantages and disadvantages of both options.… Read More

Address Autocomplete for eCommerce: Better Conversion Rates

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Better UX Experience for Better Conversion Rates –

I’m sure to anyone reading this would have experienced dropping off at the final stage of the checkout process, entering your details to the point of payment. Recent studies have shown that cart abandonment is still in the higher figures of 60 – 70%, furthermore, nearly half of those who abandon is due to an overly lengthy or complicated checkout process.… Read More