5 Ways Retailers are Crazy Good at Using Data

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Retailers Who Know How to Use Data…

… are basically unstoppable. Being well-versed in data for retail can unlock the ability to rock conversions, see into the future, and, perhaps most importantly, prevent fraud instantly. Recognizing the importance of data and knowing how to use it is like unlocking all the secret levels in a video game, but instead of just enjoying the satisfaction of beating the last boss, retailers experience the evergreen satisfaction of improving all business operations for the long-term.… Read More

Whois Data Added to Global Email & Global IP Web Services

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Melissa is pleased to announce a new, complimentary addition to Global Email and Global IP web services – Whois records.

Whois records offer a quick and easy way for programmers to utilize our API to provide real-time details for more than 2,864 TLDs and 300+ million domains. The service provides the ability to retrieve key data points such as:

  • Registrant name
  • Organization
  • Email address
  • Registration address
  • Registrar information
  • Creation date
  • Expiration date
  • Updated date
  • Domain availability
  • Domain age
  • Address details
  • Private proxy detection
  • And much more

The service will help cyber security organizations investigate cybercrimes, help risk management detect malicious domains, and aid the financial sector in detecting transaction fraud.… Read More

Making Data Work for Your Geospatial Challenges

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Anyone who has looked at flood data knows that FEMA is not the answer. It’s not that FEMA doesn’t try to accurately map what they believe to be floodable areas. It’s that FEMA is politically driven. As a city, you do not have to participate in FEMA mapping. Why would you not participate? Well, properties in flood zones tend to have lower valuations, and lower valuations tend to generate lower taxes. … Read More

Melissa Property Intelligence Now Details Precise Location Risk from Natural Disasters

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By Bud Walker, Vice President Sales &
Strategy, Melissa 

Nobody has to be reminded that we’re in the
middle of hurricane season, certainly not if they live in Texas or Florida.
They’re personally going through the experience of living in the path of lots
of wind and water.

For many others, however, including companies
and communities, risk comes in many forms, with wind and water joined by such
natural hazards as fire, hail, tornados and earthquakes.
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