How to Avoid Email Blacklists?

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You’ve designed a great email campaign and everything seems to be running smoothly. That is until you see your statistics and notice a very high bounce rate. It is a scary thought because not only is your message not being delivered, you have probably been blacklisted!

There are many reasons why your domain may have been blacklisted and there are ways to get your brand out of it.… Read More

How to Find And Avoid Spam Trap Emails

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The risk of falling into a spam trap is probably your marketing team’s biggest fear when sending cold emails. Spam traps are valid, deliverable email addresses that are hard to identify. They look like any normal email address but are used exclusively to ‘trap’ unwanted emails.

Having spam traps on your mailing list is usually the result of poor data hygiene.… Read More

Real-Time Email Verification Use Cases

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Almost every adult has an email address. This makes it one of the most effective means of communication between companies and their customers. 50% of all media planners use email marketing. And, why not, email marketing is budget friendly and offers an impressive $36 ROI against every $1 spent.

There are many ways companies build an email database – surveys, free eBook downloads, tutorials, newsletters, contests and so on.… Read More

Are Email OTP And Email Verification The Same?

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When an individual creates an account with an e-commerce website, places an order or signs up for a newsletter, their email address is one of the basic details required. As part of the sign-up process, they must then enter an OTP sent to the email address to verify its existence and validity. This simple step goes a long way in fighting fraud and making online interactions safer. … Read More