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Business Search U.S. – an API to Find the Businesses You’re Looking for

Business Search API, the latest update to BusinessCoder, finds and identifies businesses within the US, even in cases where incomplete information is provided. The product also prevents bad business records from infiltrating your database.

Search for a particular business using the following input fields:

  • Company Name
  • Address Information
  • Phone Number
  • Stock Ticker
  • Web Address
  • Melissa Address Key
  • Melissa Enterprise Key

None of these fields are mandatory when sending a request to our service. Depending on the options and configuration for the particular request, which can be fine-tuned to fit your specific need, you can return all the related businesses depending on any of the input factors.  You can send in any number of inputs and Business Search will do its job to find all the relevant records. Be as granular as you need to be!

If you are in need of finding information regarding specific branches of a particular business, than Business Search is the right product for you. The service will return all businesses within our records given the input information. In addition, Business Search will provide the previous addresses for a particular business as well as the phone numbers associated with the input information.

Just like BusinessCoder, Business Search will only output information that has already been verified, so you can rest assured that the address and phone information you are receiving is valid.

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Introducing Business Coder for United Kingdom

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Melissa is
happy to announce the release of our Business Coder service for UK, where you
can verify, validate, and append firmographics for businesses in the UK.
Originally servicing only the US, our webservice now expands to the UK as one of our more popular demands for business

Business Coder UK webservice can help provide address cleansing and
verification, along with business verification and appending of firmographic
data. Our SIC Codes and Descriptions can help identify industries that the
targeted businesses belong to, along with incorporation dates to help verify
the correct businesses.

Similar to
Business Coder US, our familiar result codes can help determine any issues with
address or business validation. Ensure that the data returned along with our
results help verify correct businesses in your data.

Powered by
our Global Address engine, our address validation system thoroughly covers
streets across the United Kingdom. With quality data ensured by experts and
reliable sources such as the Royal Mail, be sure that you standardize and
correct any addresses for your list of businesses to ensure that your
deliveries do not go to waste.

And don’t
forget, this is only an announcement for our initial release. We’re constantly
striving to improve our webservice, as we plan to add additional fields and
features to Business Coder UK. Check out our wiki and be on the lookout for new
updates for the webservice!

note that for our release, Business Coder US and Business Coder UK will have
separate URLs to make web service requests to. Additionally, Business Coder UK
requires a separate subscription from Business Coder US. Please visit our wiki
for more information on how to what to expect out of the new Business Coder.

Business Coder UK wiki:

Business Coder Firmographics: Employee Contact Information

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last major update to the Business Coder Web Service includes the addition of
employee contacts for the entered business, allowing for the retrieval of
employee names and their respective titles. The next major update to Business
Coder will feature an upgrade to the employee contact list returned. Aside from
the name and title, contacts will now also give back both their email address
and phone number if available. 


This is what the contacts array used to return,
versus what it returns with the latest update:

sure to take advantage of these new fields in the next Business Coder update in
order to enrich and improve your business contact information. Leveraging
additional contact information will certainly allow for new opportunities with
business prospects and allow for better marketing segmentation.


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