G2 Crowd Names Melissa Top Leader for Data Quality Solutions

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G2 Crowd has recognized Melissa for Data Quality Services as a Top 2020 Leader. Melissa’s Clean Suite tied for Highest-Rated (#1) in the Data Quality Grid Report and the Data Quality Suite earned seven badges including Momentum Leader, Highest User Adoption, Easiest Setup, Users Love Us, and more.

See where our address verification, email and phone validation, record matching and data enrichment solutions land on the report. Download the full G2 Grid Report here to find out how the top data quality solutions measure up and explore customer satisfaction ratings from G2 reviewers.

PYMNTS October Tracker: Melissa on Email Verification Evolution

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COVID-19 has changed the way consumers interact – i.e. preference for ecommerce and digital connection has skyrocketed and maintained its popularity even as storefronts begin to reopen. But unfortunately, fraudsters seem to continue to take advantage of this digital norm. How can email verification assist in fraud prevention initiatives while maintaining a seamless, easy onboarding experience for consumers?

Download the October 2020 Digital Consumer Onboarding Tracker here and find out what Melissa has to say about the evolution of email verification and what others have to say about its role in 2020.

New Ecommerce ROI Calculator Shows How Much Bad Data Costs You

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Ever wonder how much bad data is costing you? While ecommerce and retail sales are booming, bad shipping data can have a far-reaching impact on your bottom line – and it’s almost completely avoidable. Melissa has just released its latest resource to help retailers determine the true impact of bad customer data to their bottom line. All you have to do is enter your average customer order and the number of parcels sent per day. Then, we’ll give you a full breakdown on:

  • Number of Undeliverable Shipments Per Year
  • Total Cost of Undeliverable Shipments Per Year
  • Loss of Potential Sales Due to Undeliverable Shipments
  • Potential Cost Savings After One Year of Using Address Verification Tools

Easily calculate your data quality ROI and receive the results as a report that you can share with your team or build into an executive report.

Find out how much bad data is costing you today with Melissa’s Ecommerce ROI Calculator and explore the address verification tools that will help you save big on delivery.

[WEBINAR] How To: Combine Mobile Technology & Direct Mail

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A recent study by Merkle found that adding a digital media component to direct mail saw a 118% increase in response rates compared to digital mail alone.

An easy way for you to get double duty out of your direct mail envelope is providing a direct link to your mobile site. What’s even better? The USPS offers a Mobile Shopping Incentive where For Profit and Non-Profit mailers can gain a 2% discount on postage for using Mobile Print Technology.

We’ll provide an overview of the USPS Mobile Shopping Promotion and how Melissa can help you get your mailing lists ready for the holiday and giving season while qualifying for USPS discounts.

What we will cover:
• What is the USPS 2020 Mobile Shopping incentive?
• How does Melissa make it easy to qualify for postal discounts?
• Benefits of using the right mailing solutions for your needs
• What makes identifying & targeting your best prospects best practice?

Join our webinar “How To: Combine Mobile Technology & Direct Mail for Holiday Success” on Nov. 19, 2020 at 1:00 PM in Central Time (US and Canada).