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Mailing Lists

12 Questions to Ask a List Vendor

By Jeffery Dobkin, marketing consultant, author, and professional speaker1. Ask the origin of the list. There are two types of lists, determined by...

Mailing Lists

Email List Hygiene: Keep It Clean

By Spencer Kollas, director of delivery services, StrongMail SystemsLast month, I provided best practices to maximize email deliverability with the...

Mailing Lists

Get Consumers' Attention with Local Listings

Manish Pate, CEO, Where 2 Get It Have you ever used Google Maps or Yahoo Local to find a restaurant nearby? If so, you've used one of the most...

Mailing Lists

Demographic Targeting With a Bankruptcy List

By Dave Morgan, Expert Author, ArticlesbaseThe bankruptcy list provides a great opportunity for many companies to acquire a highly targeted list of...

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