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Melissa’s Improvements in Dynamics CRM

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data, in all forms, is bad for business. Here at Melissa, our primary concern
is cleansing it from all of your platforms, including Microsoft Dynamics®
CRM. Melissa currently offers many solutions for Dynamics CRM
in order to combat problems with bad data.


offer the Personator®
solution in order to cleanse and enrich your U.S. and Canadian data. We offer the
Global Verify solution to correct and verify your addresses, phone numbers,
names, and email addresses on an international level. Soon, we will release the
® solution in order to prevent bad data from entering your
environment. As we strive to offer you the best solutions, Melissa constantly
seeks to improve its solutions to better suit your needs.


in a future update, we will offer the following new features to our Express
Entry service:

•          Personator Workflows

•          Reverse Lookup for Express Entry

•          Express Entry Integration into Global

Personator Workflows

CRM is utilized in many different ways in the business world. The creation of
contact, account, and lead records is handled through many different
environments that may not leverage the standard form. In addition, sometimes
users may forget to use our services to cleanse and correct information before
saving and storing a record. 

To address these issues, we have created workflows
for the Personator solution for the currently supported out-of-box entities.
These workflows can be activated to leverage our Personator service on records
automatically, such as upon creation of a new record. This will allow users to create records from
a different environment, such as a separate portal, to have their information
automatically validated through our workflows.


Reverse Lookups for Express Entry

users enter address information in different orders. With Dynamics CRM’s
ability to customize forms, it is apparent that not everyone will start by
entering a street address. With our new feature, Reverse Lookups, users can
enter information starting from the most general piece of information down to
the most specific. For example, now a user, after entering his or her default
country, can begin by entering the postal code to determine the city and state of
the particular record. After filling out these fields, the user can then enter
in the street address and select from a list of addresses only in that
particular city, state, and postal code.


Express Entry Integration into Global

customers require different methods of verification. In order to address these
concerns, we have integrated our Express Entry service into our Global Verify
solution. Now, you can utilize the Express Entry service to autocomplete
addresses when entering data as well as verify phone and email with the click
of a button.

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