Your 7-Step Direct Mail Campaign Checklist

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On your mark, get set…what? You don’t know where to go? You will after you review the checklist Modern Postcard has created. Designed to boost the effectiveness of your next direct mail campaign, these seven tips should be kept close at hand. 

1. Build a Solid Marketing Plan
Make sure your plan answers these questions: What do I want to accomplish? Who will respond to my message? When should I mail and how often? How will I track responses? Your plan is 90 percent of the battle!
2. Develop a Targeted Mailing List
It’s a fact: 41 percent of your direct mail campaign’s success depends on the mailing list. Demographics, as well as past behavior can help find the ideal list. Also, consider purchasing a prospect list to expand your house list.
3. Choose Your Format & Services
Go with quick and economical or high-impact and big enough for tons of content. In-house mailing and list services put your cards directly in the hands of your customers and local prospects.
4. Create a High-Impact Mailer
It’s all about a great first impression. Successful design uses imagery relevant to your message. Great copy needs to be quick and to the point. Don’t forget to include an irresistible offer and a distinct call to action!

5. Select Your Mailing Services
Standard-Bulk mail, which is the most economical, lands in 10-14 days. If you mail First-Class™ your cards should arrive in 2-5 days. Have 500+ pieces? Choose the presort option for quicker service. Nonprofits with permits can save even more!
6. Track Your Campaign’s Results
When you know how well your postcards work, you can adjust your next mailing for even better results. Campaigns and promotions that create a positive cash flow are always worth repeating.

7. Refine Your Next Promotion
The most effective direct mail programs are consistent and frequent. Consider seasonal buying trends, your budget, and previous response rates to determine the best time to mail future promotions.
Remember that postcards give you valuable time with your current clients and local prospects, so take advantage of it! Give them an irresistible offer–a reason to visit your store or website and make a purchase.
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