By Susan Plonkey, VP of Sales, USPS®
As marketing budgets improve, now is the time to add mail to the mix.
The nation’s economy continues to gain strength, and we’re seeing marketing budgets start to rebound. That’s good news for us all.
As you plan where to allocate these increased dollars, don’t overlook direct mail. There’s no other marketing channel that’s as highly targeted, incredibly impactful, and offers such a strong ROI.
Studies consistently show that direct mail has a significant impact on sales and revenue–whether used alone or in combination with other marketing channels.
Our own research shows 79 percent of all households read or scan the direct mail they receive. Other studies demonstrate that more than three-quarters of Internet users say direct mail influenced them to buy something online. And, the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) calculates that direct mail returns an impressive $12.53 for every dollar invested in it.
We recently had the opportunity to witness the power of mail as part of our efforts to promote Priority Mail® Flat Rate Boxes. You may have seen our ads, which feature a mail carrier informing businesses and consumers — and in one case, a family with a very eerie clown doll — that they can save time and money by using Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes for their shipping. The campaign included television spots, print ads, online advertising, and of course, direct mail.
It’s done a great job of creating interest in the boxes and making the tagline “If it fits, it ships” part of the vernacular. More than that though, the campaign has generated a significant increase in the use of Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes and brought increased revenue to the U.S. Postal Service®. And, while each of the channels we used had an impact on the overall return of the program, mail had the biggest. In fact, direct mail was responsible for 35 percent of all the leads the campaign generated.
That’s just one more example of the influence that mail can have when it’s part of an integrated marketing strategy.
I hope the economy continues to recover and marketers get more dollars with which to promote their companies.
But, as you make your own marketing decisions, I’d urge you to ask yourself: What about mail? Doing so may lead you to add a channel to your marketing that can help drive sales and revenue.
—Source: Deliver® Magazine Aug. 2010 newsletter ( Deliver Magazine is trademarked by the USPS.