A recent blog post in the Data Quality Pro, “10 (Uncomfortable) Questions for Your Data Quality Vendor” – caught our attention. The author, Dylan Jones, lists questions you should consider asking a potential data quality software/solution vendor.


From a vendor perspective, we thought the questions were right on the money. Questions pertaining to future innovations, long-term product strategies, customer response times, etc. – this is the deep knowledge that provides even better insight into making a critical vendor selection.


The blog also touched on another big factor to think about: the vendor’s long-term growth strategy. “Is the vendor actively looking to be snapped up by a bigger player,” Jones states.


It’s definitely an important question to ask. With so many recent mergers and acquisitions in the data quality industry, it’s worth finding out what a vendor’s long-term growth plans are, and if they’re seeking to be acquired by a larger player, etc. A future merger might alter the effectiveness of the vendor’s solution or service.


We also suggest looking at the vendor’s longevity in the industry. How long has the vendor been in business? Are they diversifying their product lines? Are they a privately-owned and independent organization, or a public company?


Other factors you should consider – cost and affordability and the company’s customer satisfaction ranking. What is the company’s track record in terms of providing excellent customer service? Will the vendor be quick to respond to your needs?


Factoring in if a company offers one point of contact for your account can make a big difference in zeroing in on the right data quality vendor for your organization.


To read Dylan Jones’ full blog post, go to:


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