Melissa is an accredited supplier of Her Majesty’s CSS G-Cloud 10 Framework

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The government state that cloud and service platforms provide better value for money, recommending that public sector firms look at cloud solutions as an alternative and  since early July, more than 3000 suppliers have been able to offer their cloud technology and support to organisations across the public sector via the G-Cloud 10 framework. The framework is split into three areas covering cloud hosting, cloud software and cloud support and this year’s framework features 649 new firms.

The framework is run as a collaboration between the Government Digital Service and the Crown Commercial Service and is operated through the Digital Marketplace. The G-Cloud 10 Framework is the 10th iteration of the G-Cloud framework, which launched in 2012. So far, there has been nearly £3 billion spent through the framework with the government claiming that the 10th iteration of the framework could be worth up to £600 million.

Melissa are proud to announce that we were chosen to be part of Her Majesty’s CSS G-Cloud 10 Framework and have since been working effortlessly to provide our services to the public sector. Our services can be found via the government’s Digital Marketplace.

The framework allows for public sector bodies to access details of cloud and support technology suppliers whilst avoiding expensive and time-consuming traditional procurement processes. The government, local councils, NHS Trusts and other public sector bodies can purchase cloud-based services such as web services from a single, central website and suppliers accredited on the platform can bid on opportunities tendered through the government’s Digital Marketplace platform.

Oliver Dowden, Minister for Implementation says:

“Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, delivering innovative solutions in partnership with the public sector, fuelling economic growth and supporting the delivery of efficient, effective public services that meet the needs of citizens.”

Since 2012, 48% of spend on the framework has gone directly to SMEs and the frameworks provides a means for these smaller businesses to compete within the service sector.

Melissa has been operating in the UK since 2014 and has grown rapidly over the past few years – being part of the framework has allowed us to grow our business, develop our skills and share our expertise and knowledge. Via the framework, we offer various identity and data verification web services and if you are not familiar with the framework or curious about how it can work for you, feel free to get in touch with our team on 020 7718 0070 or send us an email at:


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