Tires, Tin Snips and Data Quality

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By Ira Whiteside

Several weeks ago I was traveling with my wife
and we got a flat tire.It was a
bit frightening due to
the fact we had actually run over a pair of Tin Snips,
which not only flattened the tire, but destroyed the wheel well.

We had recently purchased $900 worth of tires, which included a Road Service
Warranty for repair or
replacement. Like most of you, we did not think we would need it. But once we
finally got the car to the recommended tire dealer, we began to experience
several issues due directly to very bad data quality, which brought home the
reality of poor data governance.

The manager informed us that the tire that was
was not covered. It turns out the original dealer had
only put one
tire serial number on the warranty form, of the four we purchased. The
requirement was each number had to be recorded. Well, it took several hours and
many phone calls to finally get to the point that the tire was replaced. In the
end, the manager had to get an override form from the warranty company. From a
data quality perspective, this is a basic business rule, which would obviously
ensure that the serial numbers on the invoice were referenced on the warranty
card. We were lucky this occurred during business  hours.