The University of Washington Increases Revenue with the Help of Melissa Data

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Like all other colleges, the
University of Washington is keen on maintaining accurate records on students
and alumni. However, both students and alumni’s information is always changing
as they move, get married, relocate, change names, etc. The need for the
university to maintain accurate records rose as the need for fundraising
increased due to state aid decreasing. Not having accurate records would result
in waste in postage and production costs, undeliverable mail, and not to
mention the lost fundraising opportunity.

The University of Washington turned to Melissa Data’s
solutions to clean-up and update their database. Through the Data Quality
Suite, they were able to address the issue of inaccurate data through address,
phone, and email verification. Through Melissa Data’s geocoding service, they
were able to find and prevent duplicate records as well as analyze
location-specific relationships within their data.

By updating and cleaning up their database, the University
of Washington was able to capitalize on the contributions of their supporters.
So much so that they recently concluded a fundraiser that brought in more than
$2.7 billion! A key factor in the success of this campaign were the data
quality programs they used from Melissa Data. This goes to show that accurate
data truly is invaluable. Learn more about solutions from Melissa Data.

By Natalia Crawford