The Marketing Strategy You’re Missing

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What if I told you that the marketing strategy you’re
missing is direct mail?


Before you close the page and disregard that statement, read
this fact:

65% of consumers make
purchases as a result of direct mail.

That’s right. The one thing you have probably disregarded as
a method of marketing can make up the majority of your sales. While competitors
are fighting for attention on social media, you can be positioning yourself in
the hands of the consumer and making a sale – literally.

According to Target Marketing Magazine, direct mail is the
one channel that delivered the strongest ROI for customer acquisition for B2C
marketers, AND scored the highest for customer contact and retention.

How’s that for a marketing strategy?

Direct mail can easily be implemented into your online
strategy. Simply use direct mail to engage and retain the consumer, and then
follow-up with an email to continue the conversation, or in a marketer’s case; nurturing.

This strategy is ideal for not only engaging leads that become
customers but for creating promoters of your brand as well. Many businesses
offer online engagement, but how many make it personal by sending direct mail?

You can easily position yourself above your competitors by
being more personal with your customers and sending them mail. So, where do you
start? Successful direct mail efforts begin with a clean and up-to-date
mailing list, personalizing your message, and knowing exactly who to target with
valuable demographic information. The
last thing you want is returned mail or to position yourself in
front of the wrong audience.

Increase sales by implementing direct
mail into your marketing strategy. Check out our video to get a jump-start or visit our website to learn more!