By Craig Huey, president of Creative Direct Marketing Group 
Every year, a staggering 70 billion pieces of direct mail land in American mailboxes. The average American receives over 30 direct mail pieces a week. That’s 1,560 pieces per person per year. 
Is your direct mail campaign up to this sort of competition? 
Mailing out a bookalog direct mail piece might be the bold strategy to help you beat the competition.
What is a bookalog? 
A bookalog looks like a book and feels like a book, but it’s not a book. It’s a 120-page sales piece disguised as a book. A bookalog is sent out with a brief sales letter and a response device right in the book. 
One of the great advantages of the bookalog is that it provides you with an opportunity to build credibility in the eyes of your prospect. 

Credibility and expertise
People respect books…and respect authors. Your bookalog can be an extended pitch on a particular subject…particularly a subject in an area of your expertise.
For example, your book could be called 10 Dangerous Errors of Retirement Planning…and How to Avoid Them.
Or 7 New Telecom Trends–An Insider’s Survival Guide. 
A bookalog not only introduces you and your business, but you’ve built credibility as an expert on a subject. 

A different strategy for a different market
A bookalog, like a 3-dimensional campaign, works equally well for B2B and B2C campaigns. 
It’s also shown to be successful for fundraising, investment offers, health offers, computer and IT campaigns and much more. 
So if you’re looking for a bold direct mail piece that will stand out among the 70 billion pieces of direct mail, a bookalog could be your key to incredible response. 

—Source: Craig Huey is the president of Creative Direct Marketing Group (CDMG), a direct response agency. Reach him at