7 Times When You Might Use a Self-Mailer

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By Ray Jutkins 
When should you use a self-mailer? A self-mailer combines a letter, a brochure, and response device into a single piece of paper. Obviously, a self-mailer is less expensive than a full package. But just being less expensive doesn’t make it more effective. 
Here are 7 times when you might choose to use a self-mailer: 
1. When you’re mailing to your own customers.
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7 Keys for Improving Your Offer

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By Craig Huey

One critical element of any direct marketing campaign is the offer. Many in the industry agree that as part of the marketing strategy, the offer constitutes 40 percent of the overall success of any campaign. 

Couple this with the fact that Americans expect a special deal (e.g., half off, “freebies,” sales), and it’s easy to see why the offer can make a difference between success or failure.
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5 Ways to Use Postcards to Drive Website Traffic

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 By Brandon Cornett
Direct mail marketing is often part of a bigger picture and longer sales cycle. In such cases, your direct mail postcard or letter serves a ‘learn more” function. This is where direct mail and websites become perfect marketing partners. 
Postcards make excellent website promoters. With their easy readability and “at-a-glance” impact, direct mail postcards can help you entice people to your website.
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5 Direct Mailing Best Practices

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As consumers move their media preferences toward customized, one-to-one vehicles such as iPods, satellite radio and TiVO, marketers are challenged in managing multi-channel messaging opportunities, according to direct marketing experts at Pitney Bowes. As spam is auto-dumped from personal computers, traditional mail has regained and maintained a great deal of relevance, usefulness and profit potential in the marketing mix.TheWiseMarketer.com).
According to the Cable & Telecommunications Association, 70% of American consumers prefer to receive advertisements and promotions by mail.
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4 Ways To Raise Direct Mail Response Rates, 2 To Avoid

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Writing sales letters and brochures is both an art and a science, says Tony Attwood of Hamilton House Mailings. It’s important to have a sense of both. There are only four ways of writing a direct mail ad that will raise your response rate. 

1. Sell on price 
This is the oldest approach–and it works if you are really sure you are less expensive than anyone else and you are sure that your audience is not concerned with quality.
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