Data Cleansing and Simple Business Rules

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By David Loshin

Having worked as a data quality tool software developer, rules developer, and consultant, I am relatively familiar with some of the idiosyncrasies associated with building an effective business rules set for data standardization and particularly, data cleansing. At first blush, the process seems relatively straightforward: I have a data value in a character string that I believe to be incorrect and I want to use the automated transformative capability of a business rule to correct that incorrect string into a correct one.
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Integrating Analytical Results with Operational Activities

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By David Loshin

We have looked at using enhancement for operational purposes, as well as analytical
purposes, but there are ways that we can merge the two into a hybrid: using
enhanced data for analytics, whose results are incorporated into operational
activities using the same types of enhancements.

Actually I was a bit sneaky in my last few blog entries, because I already
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How to Enrich Your Data by Extending the Power of SSIS

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Bad data is a challenge for all organizations. Without data that is reliable, accurate and updated, organizations can’t deliver trusted customer, product and other vital data throughout the enterprise – resulting in waste and operational inefficiencies, less effective sales and marketing, poor customer service and potentially bad business decisions.


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